19 April

LP Media, Starmark International and Vista Worldlink team up to launch the first ever, live broadcast, interactive bus shelter consumer experience.
See how unsuspecting commuters in Boston and Chicago were transported for just a few minutes from the brutal chill of winter, to the warm beaches of Greater Fort Lauderdale.  Many even won a free trip to actually escape the cold and experience all that Greater Fort Lauderdale has to offer!
This innovative, satellite-based live activation was the product of several months of planning and very hard work on behalf of our crews in Chicago, Boston and Greater Fort Lauderdale.
We would like to thank the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau for their foresight and leadership on this project, as well as Starmark International, Vista Worldlink, Cesare Salerno Productions-Ft Lauderdale, Big Shoulders Productions-Chicago and DGA Productions-Boston.